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Alia Bhatt daughter : Netizens react as Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor reveal daughter’s face for the first time

Raha got the eyes of Raj Kapoor : The internet erupted in collective cooing and awws on Monday as Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor finally shared the first glimpse of their adorable daughter, Raha (Alia Bhatt daughter) during the Kapoor family’s annual Christmas lunch in Juhu, Mumbai.

The celebrity couple have fiercely protected their little one’s privacy since her birth in November. The adorable family of three posed together for the first time in front of the paparazzi, with little Raha occasionally caressing Kapoor’s face.

Raha wore a delightful pink and white dress featuring a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer motif, complemented by festive red velvet shoes. The paparazzi cheered enthusiastically as the celebrity trio, adorned in Christmas-themed attire, made their appearance.

Ranbir Kapoor opted for black pants paired with a matching tee and jacket, while Alia Bhatt wore a black dress adorned with red flowers and accessorised with a Christmassy headband. The photographers extended warm Christmas wishes to Raha as Ranbir guided his daughter to greet them. Raha’s parents smiled happily as they showed her to the paparazzi.

The star couple kept kissing their daughter as they thanked the photographers for their remarks on Raha and said “thank you” multiple times.

Raha’s appearance became an instant sensation on the internet as users gushed over her cuteness, with thousands showering her with comments like “adorable,” “precious,” and “absolute sunshine.” The hashtag #BabyRaha quickly became a trending storm, with everyone eager to share in the Kapoor-Bhatt family’s happiness.

“Raha got the eyes of Raj Kapoor,” a user wrote. Another one commented, “cuteness overloaded.”

This comes shortly after Alia and Ranbir were seen attending a Christmas Eve dinner at Mahesh Bhatt’s residence on Sunday night. Alia shared some candid moments from the gathering on her Instagram account on Monday.

A few weeks ago, during an “Ask me Anything” session on Instagram, a fan inquired about Raha’s nickname. Alia Bhatt promptly responded, revealing three nicknames for Raha: Rahu, Rara, and Lollipop. Alia included a disclaimer at the end, stating “to name a few.” Raha, the daughter of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, celebrated her first birthday in November.

The couple celebrated their daughter’s first birthday on November 6 of this year. Alia Bhatt celebrated Raha’s first birthday by sharing heartwarming pictures on social media. The images capture adorable moments, including tiny hands smeared with cream and Raha holding marigolds.

In one slide, a tiny music box plays “La Vie En Rose.” Alia expressed her joy and love for Raha in the caption, reminiscing about playing the same song while Raha was in her tummy.

“Our joy, our life.. our light! it feels like just yesterday we were playing this song for you while you were in my tummy kicking away..there’s nothing to say only that we’re blessed to have you in our lives.. you make everyday feel like a full creamy yummy delicious piece of cake. Happy birthday baby tiger .. we love you more than love itself,”Alia wrote in the caption.

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